March 2-4, 2007
Houston - Leakey - Houston
878 miles
Via 90A / 90 and the wonderful Texas Hill Country roads

Sabinal, TX
I finally reached the turning point to head North when I reached Sabinal.  I could not help myself here.  There is something about rust that catches my eye.  More importantly here, there is something of a contrast between the modern storefront and the old metal side wall.  While the production stamping created on it a brick pattern, it was time and air that gave it the color and texture of old bricks.  Sometimes life is asking us to stop, and look around, finding the side wall, and discover the finer more interesting textures of our existence.  

    • Store Front
    • Rusty Hart's
    • The Wall
    • The Door
    From here it was all the way to Leakey, TX, through Concan.  A brief stop at Garner State Park for some rest and then all the way to D'Rose Inn, in Leakey proper.