March 2-4, 2007
Houston - Leakey - Houston
878 miles
Via 90A / 90 and the wonderful Texas Hill Country roads

When I got to D'Rose Inn, Deb, the Inn-keeper, was still busy getting the room ready.  I had a chance to visit with a friendly gentleman who lives in town and rides an HD.  Good fellow, even though he dared to call Hidalgo a 'scoot'.  I did not hold it against him, I knew he did not mean to dis me.

    • Sunlight
    So, while I did not know I still had enough in me, after a pleasant chat, I unloaded my 'scoot' and rode down 83 to 1050 and headed towards Utopia.  Oh Texas, you have to love a state where you can ride through places named Paris, Athens and Utopia.    From there I went up to Vanderpool and back to Leakey via 337.  What an amazing ride.  With slashing curves and changes in altitude, the only thing I regretted was the lack of spaces to stop and shoot some pics.  The photos on this page were shot towards the end of this run, as I came across a river.  

      • Sun
        • Branches
        • Water
        • Disc
        • Pebbles
        • Waiting
        Back at D'Rose, I had a chance to understand why this Inn has been nominated as the top spot for motorcycle travelers by readers of Ride Texas.  Deb, the Inn-keeper works very hard at keeping this place spotless and with such a personal touch, you want to stay there to live.  The rooms were very clean, with all the essentials, including a basket with rags to clean your 'scoot'.