March 2-4, 2007
Houston - Leakey - Houston
878 miles
Via 90A / 90 and the wonderful Texas Hill Country roads

When I got back on to 83, I continued North, until I came to the 39 junction, where I turned to head West. From there it was just a few miles, with the Menagerie on my right, until I hit the turn to Lost Maples, heading South on 187.

  • Quiet Wind
  • Trickle
  • The Menagerie
I had to stop here for a few moments and grab a few shots of staples of the Texas landscape.  I had not realized, until then, that in all my rides I have never taken a picture of a wind mill.  It was even nicer to have a chance to get shot of the mill and the water it was pumping.  While I was there, a good Samaritan stopped by to make sure I was doing OK and proceeded to tell that I should make sure to visit the Motorcycle Museum down the road.