March 2-4, 2007
Houston - Leakey - Houston
878 miles
Via 90A / 90 and the wonderful Texas Hill Country roads

This was one of those unplanned events in life.  After not being able to take a trip to Big Bend with my group of Brothers in Christ, I decided I still needed to get away for some time of meditation, reflection and self charge.

    This was the first stop on this trip that started out as an alternative journey since I could not join my friends who were going to Big Bend.  It started early morning, about 8 am, in Houston. My final destination was Leakey, 315 miles away, in the Texas hill country.

    • Rust
    This first stop was in Altair, TX, about a mile east of the highway 71 and 90A intersection, just west of Eagle Lake.  I had spotted these silos on my last trip, and it became one of the mandatory stops during this one.  For whatever reason, the old fashioned domed top of grain silos has always represented to me something of what America's country side is about.  A reflection on old and good traditions.
    • Old Silos
    • Aubie, convergence
    • Early morning
    • Leaving
    • Silo reflection
    • Winds
    • Grain
    • Purple Martings