Houston - New Braunfels - Wimberly - Buda - Gonzales - Shiner - Houston; and some points in between
Aug 4 - 5 2007
541 miles
2003 Aprilia RST-1000 Futura

  • Gonzales Courthouse
  • Brick
  • Emergency Exit
  • Angel
Right off the parking lot I got onto 304 to Gonzales.  A great late morning and early afternoon ride on a road that took me through places like  Delhi and Sandy Fork, before it landed me right at the Gonzales  court house.  I had been getting hungry and a bit tired, so I walked around for a little while and then get back on the road again.  However, I was happy to spot a  remembrance piece of the old 'Come and get it!" on the second floor of the court house.  Story has it that on October 2, 1835, Texans led by John H. Moore resisted Mexican dragoons sent to retrieve the town cannon. Challenging the Mexicans to "come and take it," the Texans rallied around the gun and fought the battle of Gonzales, the first skirmish of the Texas Revolution.

  • The Star
  • Come and Get It
  • Branded
  • Apache