Houston - New Braunfels - Wimberly - Buda - Gonzales - Shiner - Houston; and some points in between
Aug 4 - 5 2007
541 miles
2003 Aprilia RST-1000 Futura

I rode out of New Braunfels and proceeded North, with just a general sense of direction and trusting the GPS for my final destination.  I learned a few things along the way.  If my GPS does not know you made it through a way point, it will try to keep sending you back until you hit it.  Needless to say it kept sending me back to New Braunfles.  At then end I caught up and reset it, but I must say that it brought unforeseen benefits, since I made it through roads I would not have seen otherwise.

I rode by Canyon Lake and eventually into Wimberley.  I made it to Don's house, and as always, I felt tremendously welcomed and even though we had not seen each other for a while, it was like we had only said good bye a day ago.  Don is one of those friends that has been there for me for years, and while he is just a few years 'younger' than me, we share a lot of interests.  That afternoon we took a walk by Cypress Creek, wondering why the cypresses had no knees, and harassing ladies who floated by in  kayaks with their dogs.  A good cup of expresso was mandatory, and after that we were joined by Nan.  The three of us drove up to Blanco for dinner at a wonderful theater which is being renovated and part of it has been turned into a restaurant.

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  • 201 Perkins
  • Perkins
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  • Fawn
  • Teeth
    Sunday morning I was up early and anxious to hit the rode.  After a cup of great coffee [what else can you expect at 201 Perkins?] and a couple of delicious muffins, I was ready for the road.  But Don insisted I take a gift with me, so we walked over to a piece of his property where a fawn had died a few days earlier, and we picked up the skull and a couple of  vertebrae as souvenirs.  Again, it is great to have a friend you can count on.  After all, Don is the guy who brought me a pebble from Charles Darwin's home in England, swearing the good ol' Charles would get up for a walk every morning and pee on this exact pebble.