Houston - New Braunfels - Wimberly - Buda - Gonzales - Shiner - Houston; and some points in between
Aug 4 - 5 2007
541 miles
2003 Aprilia RST-1000 Futura

August 4, 2007

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The Futura had made it home at the beginning of July, a little bit less than a month ago.  So much rain had been falling in the area that I rarely had a chance to ride it.  Still, I felt the need to get it a full service and what better place than the guys at AF-1.  Conveniently, they are only 3 hours away in New Braunfels so, what the heck?  I also figured, while I was in the area, I would take a slight detour on the way back to Houston and visit my other buddy Don in Wimberly.  This is what the guys on the boards call the "I will be right back honey! I am taking the bike for an oil change [180 miles away]". :)

Having packed all my gear the night before, I got up early in the morning on Saturday, and after the customary double-expresso and quasi-green banana I hopped on Luke and headed out at around 6:30 am.  The morning was cool and the sunlight was barely visible.  Being one that dislikes interstate highways, I headed southwest initially, with the general intent of following my favorite western route out of Houston, US 90A.  Unlike some of my previous trips, I was not being driven by a God chasing effort here.  More than anything I was looking for the peace and the quiet time that roaring down the  road on a  motorcycle can bring, but with the hope of listening to His word whispered in my ear along the way.

I made quick work of the segment between Houston and  Rosenberg by taking 59 south.  While this can be one of the most painful roads to be on during regular hours, at 6:30 in the morning things were just  peachy.

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With the air still cool, somewhere before East Bernard the sunlight started hitting my rear view mirrors and I had to stop and take a few shots, as His fingers used the sun to slice the sky wide open.