Denver to Houston
July 5-7, 2007
2003 Aprilia Futura  
RST 1000
Denver-Amarillo-Albany, TX,- Temple-Houston
1200 miles

July 6, 2007

  • A 60 mile detour
  • To Claude
  • Radiator
  • Claude
  • Welcome to Claude
I left La Casita del Sol around eight in the morning that day.  Here, I introduced another planned detour.  As an avid reader of Ride Texas Magazine, I introduced into the route a 60 mile detour which would take me eat on 287 to Claude, and south on 207, through the eastern side of Palo Duro canyon.  I rode through Claude for a few reasons, including that someone in my wife's family would probably claim that this city was named after a famous African-American surgeon born in Texas.  I will let  historians debate that point, but some interesting facts about Claude include the fact that its initial layout was platted to conform with the railroad, which angles southeast to northwest, while later additions to the city were laid out by the compass.  Also, three movies were filmed there,  The Sundowners (1960), Hud (1963), and Sunshine Christmas (1977).  

Leaving the 'Doctor's Town' behind, I headed south on 207, skirting the eastern border of Palo Duro Canyon.  What a wonderful view, full of turns and twists on the asphalt, coming down to a red gravel river bed.

  • Pan handle Sky
  • Red Gloves
  • Red Waters
  • Red Waters Crossing