Denver to Houston
July 5-7, 2007
2003 Aprilia Futura  
RST 1000
Denver-Amarillo-Albany, TX,- Temple-Houston
1200 miles

  • Welcome to New Mexico
I eventually crossed into New Mexico, a state that has always been dear to my hart, and indeed the holder of so many memories.  I quickly got to Raton, where I decided to forgo the ride through Climax since I noticed I was already a couple of hours behind planned schedule.  

I turned East on 87 to Clayton.  I must confess that this was one of the most boring sections of the trip as the road was under construction, with a single lane per side and a speed limit of 45 mph.  It  was really only saved by the southwestern landscape, with its hills and mesas.  Eventualy I made it to Capulin, where I took the time to grab a few shots of the old volcano, which I climbed sometime during the last century and which brought vivid memories of my dearest friend AMSM to mind.  Folsom also called with memories of the ancients, and my undergraduate times, when I studied the pre-historic Americans with wonderful Dr. Popeno.  But alas, this would be another side trip to be chalked off for later.
  • Future Volcano?
  • Approaching Capulin
  • Left Behind
    • Capulin
    • New Mexxico Sky
    • Two Diagonals