Denver to Houston
July 5-7, 2007
2003 Aprilia Futura  
RST 1000
Denver-Amarillo-Albany, TX,- Temple-Houston
1200 miles

Leaving the Garden of the Gods put me back on I-25 South.  The RST-1000 felt great.  Wind protection was superb, and the twin cylinder Rotax just hummed along.  There was really just one little problem.  The grips on this kind of bike are significantly smaller in diameter than my cruiser.  After about 100 miles I was hoping I had paid a bit more attention to the recommendations of the guys over at AF1-Racing, when they suggested a throttle rocker.  Thankfully I did not have to wish for it for too long.  As I approached Pueblo, CO, I spotted the trusty Harley-Davidson dealership from the distance.  If there is one thing, and there are more than one, that you can say about Harley dealerships, is that they are visible.  So, in an effort to show that Aprilia riders do not discriminate against others just because they have not experienced the pleasure of a fine Italian suite, I took a brief detour and secured myself one of the most useful accessories for a sport touring biker, the throttle rocker.  This ingenious device is an ergonomically shaper piece of plastic which attaches to the right grip via a velcro strap, and allows you to rest your palm on it, making it possible to maintain acceleration with a slight level of pressure from your palm, and let your fingers relax.

So, between the GPS on the left handle bar and the throttle rocker on the right, I was running the two ends of the price range for accessories, and both of them made a difference in the way I got to my destination.
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  • Throttle Rocker
One thing I have to say about the four corners states is that even the  interstates are a pleasure to ride.  While in Texas I often find myself mapping the quickest way to the back roads, this trip south was taking me through some wonderful and smooth  curvy roads.  As I approached the New Mexico border, the Southern mesas started becoming part of the landscape.  You can not help yourself but to think how much fun God had in creating this area of the country, and I could not keep myself for thanking Him for taking me through this land.  Farms and silos peppered the sides of the road, and the wireless signals of the digital age kept pace with the flow of the highway.

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