Dayton, TX

  • Grid
  • Power
  • Rolls
  • Cable
  • Keep Gate Closed
  • Danger
  • V

Dayton came next, one of the first places I took a motorcycle trip to in the United States.  While the power plant drew me because I have always enjoyed photographing industrial sites and landscapes, it was the praying cowboy and the running horses that really caught my I and reminded me of the 12th chapter in Jeremiah's book, which says: "If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out,  Then how can you run with the horses?"  

  • Run with the horses
  • Iron Horses
  • Prayer - Free Beer Tomorrow
  • Long Horn
  • Saddle

It was indeed a day that has helped me to come to terms with the changes that life throws at me.  And I am thankful to God, that choice is part of our lives.